Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone has just been unveiled as Louis Vuitton’s latest beauty ambassador and showcased in a touching short film campaign for the launch of the brand’s newest fragrance.

Named Attrape-Rêves, it is the newest scent to join the LV fragrance line up and is the ninth perfume to be released by eponymous fragrance collection Louis Vuitton Collection Les Perfumes.

Directed by Academy Award winner Sam Mendes, Stone’s role in the film celebrates the the journey of a women’s emotions and their connection to life. Set to Beyoncé’s single ‘XO’, the actress portrays the lives of nine women who each represent a different fragrance from the collection.

The concept of memory-scent association is nothing knew to the Hollywood actress who has used it for many years. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, Stone said, “I choose a different perfume for each character I’ve played.” She continued saying, “Since I was 16, I’ve had perfumes I can go back to and remember that time in my life.”

The release of this scent marks the ninth fragrance to join LV’s collection and is said to possess bright, sensual notes. The bottle’s luxury aesthetic appears to be just as enticing as the aroma it is described to hold.

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