If anyone is versed in the language of va-va-voom, it’s Versace. The house – and its forever-glamorous matriarch, Donatella – have continued to sell the late Gianni’s brand of sexy; one of unrestrained glamour, female empowerment and bombshell beauty.

When it comes to sex appeal, they are, quite simply, the masters. Connoisseurs of all things sultry; if you seek sexy, Versace is your answer. And much like the skin-tight mini dresses and wild animal print, the beauty equivalent is equally as bold, brash and brazen.

For decades, their beauty modus operandi has read something like this: more is more, bigger is better and glamour will always prevail. Even when there have been discrepancies in their beauty narrative, for example, 2018’s ironed-out ends compared to the voluptuous curls of Spring / Summer 2004, there is one overarching beauty constant that remains: glamour.

Here, five lessons in the art of bombshell, as told by Versace. Minimalists, look away.

1. More is more, always.
If the Italian house has taught us anything, it’s the lesson of glorious unrestraint. Coco Chanel’s age-old adage of taking one thing off before leaving the house does not apply here, rather, a more is more approach is heeded. Line your eyes. Add the lashes. Get that blow-wave. You were born to stand out, baby.

2. Eyeliner is your best friend.
Perhaps an homage to its matriarch and her penchant for thick kohl, eyeliner and the heavy-handed articulation of which, has been prevalent on almost every Versace runway in some form. From the streamlined panda eyes of 2016’s Fall runway to the heavy under-eye shadowing of Spring 2000, eyeliner and namely the cat-eye has been a steady Versace beauty fixture. Whilst yesterday’s incarnation was decidedly more blue in character, that notable feline shape was there in all its Versace glory. The lesson? Purr out your edges and go hard on the smoke.

3. Rapunzel is your hair muse.
If Donatella had her way, Bob would be dead and we’d all have hair extensions. The defining hair mood of Versace’s character is long and thick; Rapunzel-like lengths which, with every strut, shimmy and swish with confidence. You can’t hair flick with a buzz cut, now can you.

4. Contouring is not dead.
Despite the rise of non-touring and a current preoccupation with blush as oppose to heavy shadowing on the cheekbone, Versace’s girls will always cut a deeply-sculpted cheek. Almost every Versace campaign and catwalk champions a chiselled-out guise; a beauty non-negotiable for the house, let contouring reign.

5. The bigger, the better.
Repeat after us: size does matter, and according to the house of Versace, big is always better. Be it the gravity-defying mane of Kaia, the towering lashes of Gisele, the bushy arches of Cindy, or the big, bad blow-out of Claudia – every proponent of beauty is an exaggerated version of itself. Be the big shot.