Ask any beauty insider what their ultimate beauty secret is and the answer is always the same: The Beauty Chef. That’s right. It’s not a makeup brush or concealing wonder trick, not a miracle moisturiser or wrinkle-busting mask, rather the wondrous, skin-loving potions and powders of The Beauty Chef. Time and time again, the famed GLOW Powder or COLLAGEN Beauty Boost trump any skin-deep paraphernalia, a love so great (both in the industry and beyond) it’s difficult to quantify. And now there’s a new product to fall equally in love with, the WELL SPRAY Inner Beauty Support.

Unlike any other product on the market, this is basically gut healing on-the-go. A little health companion which goes with you everywhere and anywhere, this travel-friendly spray supports immunity and digestion (and in turn your skin!), so you don’t have to fluff around with powders and pills when on the move.

Formulated with the intention of cultivating an integrated approach to health, beauty and wellness, this sage and peppermint herbal spray is bio-fermented with probiotics to nurture your belly from the inside out. It contains a clever combination of sage, calendula, elderberry, olive leaf, peppermint and clove bud oil to help support holistic health and immune health. There’s also Selenium – an antioxidant mineral which maintains healthy hair and nails as well as boosting immunity and combating the effects of free radical damage. And of course Biotin; a complex B Vitamin which is important for macronutrient metabolism, energy production and skin integrity and function. All in all in; a glorious mix for those (gut) sensitive souls who need a little help.

Minty fresh (thanks to its star, peppermint), the WELL SPRAY is the perfect holistic travel partner to keep your belly both healthy and happy and skin glowing even when abroad (when foreign foods and the like attempt to ruin the party). Be your best version of “well” with a spray (or 12 – the recommended daily dose) of The Beauty Chef’s Well Spray. You know what they say…a spray a day keeps the gut doctor away.

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