Mum, mother, mama, forever. No one quite does it like you, no one quite loves like you. It’s contagious. Unconditional. Perfect. To celebrate you, in the tiniest way we know how, we shower you with petals, presents and love every second Sunday in May. It’s the least we can do.

And what better way to show you love than with Dior’s greatest love story, Miss Dior. That’s all François Demachy had on his mind when creating the scent. Amour.

Rendered through the rose – an equivocal symbol of love (and for many, its powdery softness redolent of a mother’s touch) – an olfactory love declaration plays out. A rosy melody – Damascus Rose, Rosewood and of course, Rose from Grasse – envelops you, tender and delicate, just like a hug from mum.

To celebrate, we asked modern day mama, model and muse, Louise Van De Vorst, about scent, her son Velt and what motherhood really means to her.

What did your mum teach you about beauty?
She actually rarely wore makeup but took great care of her health so I learnt that was important from a young age. Looking back at this, I don’t think I understood or appreciated that she taught me beauty is so much much more than on the surface, being thrown into the world of modelling and fashion as a teenager, I am happy I had this ingrained in me.

What will you teach Velt about beauty?
I’ll teach him the same thing my mother taught me.

What do you believe is the most important thing we need to teach our sons about beauty? And the beauty of women?
That it starts from the inside. and what you are putting inside your body.

What is your favourite scent?
Miss Dior.

What scent reminds you of your mum?
She was always in the garden and always had fresh flowers in the house so those fresh raw scents forever remind me of her, and my childhood. Scent is such a powerful sense, I feel like out of all five, it has the strongest pull and ability to take you back to a time or place, it is true nostalgia.

And what scent reminds you of Velt?
Roses of course. His name means rose field in Dutch.

What does love smell like?
It’s indescribable but the best smell in the world.

To you, what does motherhood mean?
Unconditional, indescribable love.

If you could receive any Mother’s Day present in the world, what would it be?
For not only myself but all mothers to feel special and treasured for all they do everyday.

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