Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are being forced to tune out new reports of cheating allegations, yet again.

After A-Rod’s former Yankees team mate Jose Canseco accused Rodriguez of cheating on JLo with Canseco’s ex-wife earlier this month, now a British Playboy model has claimed A-Rod was sending her sexual text messages throughout December and January.

“J-Lo is amazing and she doesn’t deserve this. While getting ready to marry her, he was asking me for sex videos, demanding we hook up and asking me to make arrangements with other girls,” Gregory told The Sun.

“If he is doing this right up until the point he is proposing to her it is just not fair,” she said.

However, The Sun report did not include screenshots of the messages, or any proof at all. So until there’s further evidence to the contrary, we’re not buying it. And neither are Lopez and Rodriguez, it appears; the former pro baseball player was seen visiting Lopez on the New York set of her new film Hustlers on Tuesday, and they were, as the tabloids say, all smiles.

Alex proposed to his mega-star main-squeeze this month with an AUD $2.54 million engagement emerald-cut diamond ring.