The second day of MBFWA Resort 2017 got off to a sparkly start with two designers delivering grown-up glitter inspiration in two very different ways.

Kicking things off at By Johnny Resort 2017was Nigel Stanislaus from Maybelline New York who “salted” models with glitter for an IT-Girl in Coachella vibe. “She’s carefree, cool, popular,” said Stanislaus, describing his festival It-girl muse for the make-up. “I wanted that lived-in skin so we used the Baby Skin primer and the FITme Foundation lightly, we wanted it to look like make-up that had been on for a few hours.”

Backstage at By Johnny Resort 2017
Credit: Getty Images

Contouring came via the matte shades in the cult Nude Eye Shadow palette and lips were “just kissed” with two shades of the Lip Drama Pencils: Nude Perfcetion and Pink So Chic. Finishing things off with some light-catching flecks of glitter Stanisalus dusted the same gold sparkles across almost-dried Color show Nail Polish in Latte, nails too. “I want the girls to walk down the runway and give off happy vibe.”

Backstage at Bec & Bridge
Credit: Grace Alissa Kyo

Taking a more structured approached to sparkle backstage at Bec and Bridge was Kellie Stratton for MAC, who sliced the inner corners of the girl’s eyes with a hit of solid gold. “The colours in the collection were really inspired by Indian summer so I wanted the make-up to reflect that sulty, sexy, effortless vibe,” explained Stratton. Pushing kajal liner into the lash line for an up-all-night effect, Stratton then mixed MAC Gold Pigment with Mixing Medium; “It’s waterproof that way so it won’t budge.”

Taking the same sultry cue with the tan was Michael Brown for St Tropez, who layered the girl’s limbs in the brand’s luxe dry oil. “We misted it across the skin, it gives all skin tones beautiful luminosity which just works so well on the runway.”

Alan White for Redken backstage at Bec & Bridge Resort 2017
Credit: Grace Alissa Kyo

Meanwhile Alan White for Redken also took his hair inspiration from the Indian summer vibes via a high, textured ponytail. Gritting the hair up first with Redken Guts 10, White dried it in to emulate hair that has been hit with Goa-style humidity. “This girl has a little more polish than our usual Bec and Bridge girl but she still has that natural effortless feel.” Finishing the ends off with Diamond Oil to bring back that polish and shine, White took the pony high on the head for a youthful feel. “The Bec and Bridge girl has to be youthful and a higher pony gives that spontaneous feel, but this season she’s a bit of sophisticated dark angel too.”