Wigs often get a bad rap. But, the narrative around them is changing. Just ask Jen Atkin, who singlehandedly changed Bella Hadid’s look with the strategic placement of one on the weekend, turning her from pretty model to mega bombshell.

In LA for her True Religion campaign launch, Hadid was almost unrecognisable as she sported a dark brown, decolletage-skimming wig with piecey fringe. Of course, the model is no stranger to hair transformations (and bangs – remember her full fringe at the 2017 CDFA Awards?), Hadid chops and changes her hair quicker than she travels cross-country, such is the nature of her work. But on this particular occasion, she looked different. Very different.

Atkin affixed a wig not too dissimilar to her natural hair colour – deep, dark chocolate brown – but for some reason it possessed a remarkable shift in her overall look. Add bangs – cropped, piece-y and sitting just above the brown bone – and Bella was near-unrecognisable.

Long and layered and unmistakably ’90s, her hair was heavy on top and feathered at the bottom with comparisons to “The Rachel” rife on the internet, but it was Bella-fied. It had all the hallmarks of bombshell hair; the height, the volume, the sexy Bardot-esque fringe – a look definitely worthy of Atkin’s bomb emoji on Instagram. And her beauty look matched the va-va-voom. Makeup artist Mary Phillips did an overdraw for the ages, over-lining Bella’s already pillowy pout with a brown-hued liner, reminiscent of a ’90s super. 

The lesson, however, is not just about the revival of an abbreviated fringe, but rather: don’t fear the wig. Even hair great Sam McKnight said “the wig is the modern hat,” adding it can “totally change your look for the better.” And never has there been a time when wigs and hairpieces have been so accessible – and acceptable – than now. Just make sure when picking a wig it is of the highest quality and the application is as seamless as possible. Book in a hair appointment at your local salon to avoid any kind of wig disaster, and let the magical hair transformation ensue.

Feel like a change? Simple. Just add a wig and bang it out like Bella, or, be blonde for a day. Why not?