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In the storm that followed Beyonce’s release of Lemonade, in which she aired the couple’s dirty laundry pertaining to Jay’s infidelity, the couple seem to have remained firmly in the eye of it. As accusations flew regarding the identity of “Becky” and just how many “side chicks” there really were, there’s been frustratingly little follow-up. 

We might be about to get some answers, although knowing how intensely private Beyonce and Jay-Z are, we wouldn’t advise holding your breath. But let’s humour the New York Post’s Page Six section for a minute, which claims the business-savvy pair will answer all your burning questions – as long as you sign up to Tidal.

The newspaper says sources have confirmed that Bey and Jay have recorded an album together, and like her most recent works, it will arrive without any pre-warning. According to Page Six, it’s been finished for some time and could drop any day now.

“Jay and Beyoncé were never going to do an interview to address all the questions that came up after Lemonade”, the insider said. “It’s more their style to respond through music.”

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The report says the album will be released on Tidal, but it’s not known whether it will remain their exclusively, or extend to other services, like iTunes.

It was a curious move for Beyonce not to release Lemonade solely on Tidal, as it surely would have done wonders for the struggling streaming service. But maybe it was part of a bigger strategy: putting Lemonade on iTunes made it more accessible, which meant more people got emotionally invested in the story. Invested enough to sign up to Tidal to get the next instalment in the saga? If it involves Jay responding to Bey’s accusations of his infidelity, we might not be able to resist.