Tiffany Haddish just can’t help herself when it comes to talking about Beyonce.

Despite Queen Bey apparently throwing shade at the Girls Trip actress for publicly dishing on partying with her, Haddish has again shared another juicy anecdote.

This time in an interview with GQ, Haddish revealed that she once saw a famous actress – who she does not name – bite Beyonce on the face at a party.

“There was this actress there that’s just, like, doing the mostest,” Haddish said.

“She bit Beyoncé in the face.

“So Beyoncé stormed away,” Haddish continued, “and went up to Jay-Z, and was like, ‘Jay! Come here! This bitch—’ and snatched him. They went to the back of the room. I was like, ‘What just happened?’ And Beyoncé’s friend walked up and was like, ‘Can you believe this bitch just bit Beyoncé?’ ”

The funnywoman said she saw Beyonce later on and offered to beat the actress up.

“Beyoncé’s at the bar, so I said to Beyoncé, ‘Did she really bite you?’ She was like, ‘Yeah.’ I was like, ‘She gonna get her ass beat tonight.’ She was like, ‘Tiffany, no. Don’t do that. That bitch is on drugs. She not even drunk. The bitch is on drugs. She not like that all the time. Just chill.’ ”

She left the party with the above selfie taken with Bey.

Haddish is no doubt aware she might get another slap on the wrist from Beyonce for sharing this anecdote, but her incredulity prevented her from staying silent.

“There’s people out here biting Beyoncé!”

Adding more intrigue to the story is Chrissy Teigen, who claimed on Twitter to know who the actress is but refused to say.

We’re going to be thinking about this once for a while.