beysirImage: Beyonce/Instagram

The floaty, colourful gown Beyonce wore to announce the birth of twins Sir and Rumi is actually a menswear piece.

As soon as Queen Bey uploaded the shot, the internet went into meltdown as people tried to find out who the designer was and how they could get their hands on one.

Now the designer has come forward – Alejandro Gómez Palomo of the Spanish menswear label Palomo Spain.

“It’s the only piece I’ve ever made like that,” Palomo told American Vogue.

“It is vintage silk organza from a really old couture textile shop in Córdoba, Spain, which is near where I live. It is circa either the 1950s or the 1960s … It’s exquisite, and I can never find it again, of course.”

It turns out Beyonce ordered the dress long before she was even pregnant, after being loaned some samples by the label. It was tailored to her measurements, but when the news broke she was pregnant Palomo thought she would never wear it.

But oh, she did, and in front of the entire world – in one hour the Instagram photo of Bey with her one-month-old twins received 1.7 million likes, and in a little over 24 hours that number has climbed to 9.6 million likes. And counting.

Palomo Spain is a gender-bending label that designs feminine pieces for men. It’s not known if Beyonce had that in mind when she chose to wear it to hold her baby twins, one a boy, one a girl, but it’s a nice touch regardless.


Image: Palomo Spain