Blake Lively poses outside the Crosby Hotel on August 18, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

It’s summer time right now in New York. Temperatures are 86 and above. Platform 1 at 59th Street-Columbus Circle subway station cracked 100 degrees. The last time it was this hot President Hoover was in the White House. And, yet, Blake Lively is rolling about town in a pant suit. Six pant suits in the past six days to be exact.

But it’s all for show, of course. Her latest film, A Simple Favour –a stylish post-modern thriller – is about a high-powered, albeit enigmatic, businesswoman who stages her own disappearance. It’s every bit obvious Lively is working overtime in New York this week to promote it. After all, this city is where she garners the most attention (Thanks, Gossip Girl).

Inspired by the likes of Saint Laurent’s A/W collection and sourced from the archival vaults of Ralph Lauren, the film’s costume designer Renee Ehrlich told GRAZIA on Thursday that it was initially Lively’s idea to style her character in sharp tailoring. “It’s funny when I first started working with Blake, she said to me, ‘I really want to wear men’s suits,” she says. “I told her we would have to fight for this [look] but that I thought it would be iconic.”

The 30-year-old actress is really throwing everything at promoting this film. In May, she deleted her entire Instagram, her bio changed to “What happened to Emily?” and she only followed a select few random people of the same first name. Of course the stint generated headlines for the film. And in the same way, her sartorial choices of the past week have attracted more attention ahead of the title’s September 13 release (in Australia).

Here, an array of pant suits – every one of them chic but also most definitely sweaty.