Credit: Instagram/BlakeLively

In New York to celebrate Tod’s X Barneys capsule collection Blake Lively was busy giving insight into the travelling habits of she and her actor beau Ryan Reynolds during the earlier days of their relationship. “My husband and I used to, before we had kids, go on road trips just so we could listen to This American Life,” she told Vanity Fair. Nowadays, however, there’s little time for long drives and diner visits with two children. “Staycations are my favourite vacations,” she said. “[I] just don’t even leave the house.” Easy said, really, when you live on an estate in Bedford, New York.

But it was the former Gossip Girl star’s admission that she steals in-flight pyjamas while travelling first class that made our ears prick up. “That’s what I like to do,” explains Lively. “When you go on the fancy planes, when work is paying and you’re not paying, they send you in the nice planes, the first class with pyjamas…I just like to steal [them] from the airlines.” The trick, the actress says, is to do so discreetly. “You’ve got to not only take yours but you need to see what knucklehead passengers don’t take theirs and you have to also steal them. Because you’re a hoarder. It’s sort of high-class hoarding.”

Serena van der Woodsen has sure learnt a thrifty life lesson.