Brad Pitt may soon have a new girlfriend, according to a new report.

Page Six reports Pitt has fallen for Neri Oxman, a highly accomplished American-Israeli architect, designer, and professor at prestigious MIT college in the US.

Brad and Neri recently met to collaborate on an architectural project and “instantly hit it off” but they’re “being cautious,” according to someone with the inside word.

“Brad and Neri instantly hit it off because they share the same passion for architecture, design and art. This is best described as a professional friendship.

“Their friendship has not turned into romance … as both are cautious and this is, again, more of a professional friendship, but Brad is very interested in spending more time with Neri, she is fascinating,” the source added.

A friend of Pitt’s told Page Six: “You are correct that they are just friends and she is very impressive.”

Oddly enough Oxman, 43, bears somewhat of a resemblance to Angelina Jolie with her blue eyes, dark hair, full lips and porcelain skin.

According to her bio, she “coined the term, and pioneered the field of, Material Ecology, which considers computation, fabrication, and the material itself as inseparable dimensions of design. In this approach, products and buildings are biologically informed and digitally engineered by, with and for, nature.”

Watch a Ted Talk Neri gave below and prepare to be impressed.