When I recently returned from an overseas vacay – I had somehow acquired a new mate. This guy was by no means invited to come back with me, but he did, and took up residency on my chin (rude). He was big, bulbous and bulky – he’d been heavy lifting overseas, you see. Carrying the weight of a daily Spritz, a lot of Chianti, ample sun, plenty of salt and sand. In short, he was huge; a gigantic, blind pimple on my chin. Glorious. So how to conceal le pimp from the prying eyes of others (but mostly my own, repulsed gaze)? Concealer, every time.

However, I’m always wary of putting concealers on pimples, for the very fact makeup is often the cause of the pimple, and perpetuates the cycle of this skin curse. But one such concealer I tried did not. In fact, it targeted my pimple, (white)head on. Meet It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Full Treatment Concealer, your best friend – your pimple’s worst enemy. It targets the spot with a formidable mix of tea tree, kaolin clay, witch hazel, sulphur, zinc oxide and a gentle¬†AHA/BHA complex; ingredients which absorb oil and dry out pimples. Plus it boasts anti-aging peptides and hydrolysed collagen – for that extra hit of skincare – and perhaps most importantly, has full coverage, so it completely hides any blemishes (unless on profile, then he was protruding like a maniac). Despite its full coverage status, the formula itself feels very light and creamy to touch, and blends like a dream (no cake). Colour-infused skincare that remedies any blemish, spot or discolouration on the face, it can be used alone (for those ‘make-up-free’ days), or under and over makeup (for a little something extra).

And le pimp? One day with Bye Bye Breakout on and he was gone. So long, sucker.

It Cosmetics bye bye breakout full treatment concealer, $42.shop now

Credit and Tile Image: Instagram, @taylorhill