britneyspearscarpoolgraziaImage: The Late Late Show with James Corden via YouTube

Britney Spears’ turn at Carpool Karaoke with James Corden wasn’t only awkward for viewers, but for the star herself.

Britney, who instead of singing her songs along with the host opted to mostly mime them, has described the viral segment as “awkward”.

“It was a little awkward, like, driving by grocery stores,” she told US radio station 103.5 WKTU.

“People walk by and there are like 18 cameras around us. This is just so awkward.”

She also appeared to forget Corden’s name in the interview, referring to him as “the guy”.

“It was fun, it was really fun … the guy was just so incredibly sweet. I had no idea he has kids, he’s a teddy bear. I was like, ‘I just want to hug you right now.’”

Throughout the segment it seemed Britney was unsure what to do while James sung her hits, miming her way through Toxic and Oops I Did It Again. In fact, the show’s producer Ben Winston told the BBC this week that he doesn’t think Spears had seen the segment before, which has been done by Adele, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Elton John, among others.

“I don’t think she’d actually watched it before, I’m not convinced she’d actually seen Carpool. I think she just heard that it was quite a big thing, so maybe she just got a bit of a shock.”

Britney is due to perform at Monday morning’s VMAs, and has admitted she’s nervous about her first time back on stage at the ceremony in a decade.

vmas britney

“I think there’s something in the air with the VMAs. It’s like electric. I can’t really explain it,” the Grammy Award winner admitted.

“Every time I’ve performed there it’s always been one of those really big, nerve-racking experiences and the people that come, those celebrities, are so much fun and different… I still get very nervous.”

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