What fills you with joy?

Laughing with friends. A kiss. Hugging your mum. Dancing into the night. Swimming in the ocean. Salty hair and bare skin. Whatever it may be, joy is more than a moment in time, it’s a feeling. It’s euphoria and and elation and everything in between. For Dior, it’s a feeing of absolute, running through your veins. A love for life, and the women within it. Their strength, their might, their happiness. But how do you tell the tale of joy? Through scent, of course.

The first women’s perfume for the house in 20 years, JOY by Dior is a celebration of happiness. Integral to the brand since its conception in 1947, Dior’s soul has always been softly feminine, yet strong. The latest fragrance is a direct descendent of this ideal, promising to embody happiness in the luxury of an original, never-forgotten fragrance. It is a new declaration of love for life. It is an untold story, an expression of ourselves, and a gift to women. It as though the indomitable Christian Dior stood before perfumer François Demachy and said, “Make me a perfume that smells of joy!” And that he did.

A wholly jubilant scent, it wraps around you with open arms, intoxicating yet inviting. Much like its intangible namesake, the scent itself cannot be defined by strict category. It is not fresh or heady, nor floral or milky. It is all of this, an ephemeral scent which hybridises all olfactory skews of the feeling. “JOY by Dior expresses the remarkable feeling of joy by providing an olfactive interpretation of light,” muses Demachy. But why light? “What I mean by that, is that this perfume resembles certain pointillist paintings that are rich with a precise, yet not too obvious, technique. Each of us perceives light, without thinking about it, in our own way. This perfume is constructed in a similar manner thanks to multiple nuances and myriad facets, which lead to a crystal-clear fragrance expression. It required a lot of time, development and abstraction, but in the end, it has an immediate and lively presence.”

Light – and the interplay of this – may hold the fragrance together, but within this its true stars unfold. Bergamot and Mandarin burst with both joy and zest. Rose in its varied form – Essence and Absolute – and Jasmine work together in floral harmony. Milky Sandalwood mellows, Cedar smoothes and a hint of Patchouli calms. Whilst an accord of Musk envelops in a light, powdery breath. It is both soft yet energetic, invoking a serene plenitude and strength, too. Just like the feeling

And just like that; one spritz, those three little letters, a smile. A small word, a big feeling; it’s a JOY to behold.

To celebrate the release of JOY by Dior, we asked four friends of GRAZIA to share their ultimate joy.

What is your most joyful memory?

rozalia russian
“One of my most joyous memories was the birth of my two children…I had never experienced love at first sight until then.”

Elle Ferguson
“For me, a memory that brings me joy is being by the beach with my family. Surrounded by love and laughter and family… creating joyous moments I’ll hold in my heart forever.”

Sarah Ellen
“One of my most joyful moments was on the eve of my 20th birthday, when my friends and I were in Chinatown at a Karaoke Bar and sang ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac when the clock struck 12am. That song reminds me of this new chapter in my life and saying goodbye to my teenage years!”

Chrisanthi Kaliviotis
“For me, laughing with friends and family brings me the most joy. But in terms of a moment in time, it is when I’m in Greece; on a little island, drinking in the sun, swimming, dancing, eating with my loved ones – revelling in that moment, and that moment only.”

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