The Chanel Neapolis Spring / Summer Makeup 2018 collection was a homecoming, of sorts, for Lucia Pica.

For Chanel’s Makeup and Color Designer, returning to Naples – the town in which she was born – had been a deliberate decision from the outset, rich in the romanticism of a return ‘home’. “I wanted to go back to Napoli, where I grew up. It’s more intimate this one, because I went back to my city.” Wanting to create her own mood board, it was a mood board steeped in her Italian heritage, emotive and charged with memory, it very much rendered the poetry of the city.

Last week at Colette in Paris, Pica discussed the collection with model and musician Caroline de Maigret for Beauty Talk; a video series run by Chanel. In what is the final designer residency at Colette before the iconic Parisian boutique closes its doors, Pica and de Maigret discuss their visions of makeup and the beauty of women today, Pica’s creative processes, the Neapolis collection, and how it interprets the colours and romance of Naples.

The dialogue was a kind of beauty enlightenment; from the notion of modern makeup to the opposing and complimentary effects of matte/shine on the face, from the importance of a beautiful lipstick to the application of highlighter, Lucia shared her top tips, which were cast in a new light with the Parisian perspective of Caroline de Maigret.

Watch the Beauty Talk below: