July 17. Mark it in your iPhone calendar and while you’re at it, place a post-it on your laptop. Emmy-nominee Constance Zimmer (who plays the brutal and manipulative producer Quinn King) announced today UnReal season four is coming to Stan in ten days. The full eight episodes will drop on July 17 in a move that has shocked fans.

Quinn, has returned to the set of Everlasting: the addictive Bachelor-style reality show which “doesn’t solve problems, we make them and then point cameras at them” and together with fellow producer – and heroine – Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby), this season is poised to be the most dramatic yet. A familiar face in August (Wollongong-raised actor Adam Demos) returns. Why go back to a show that literally near-ruined him? “[August] now assumes he knows how the game works,” Demos said. “He knows the tricks. They set him up in so many ways — he had personal relationships with them. He goes back ’cause he’s like, ‘Well, you know what, now I know how you do everything that you do,’ and there is a reason winning the show would really help him out, like with his brand and all that sort of stuff.”


Every episode of UnREAL Season 4 will premiere exclusively on Stan on July 17

UnREAL Seasons 1-3 are currently streaming exclusively on Stan