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Like many great inventions, the birth of the Cosmo is shrouded in mystery.

It is clear that it emerged in the 1970s, but there is controversy about its exact origins, and obviously it isn’t GRAZIA’s place to get involved in such heated debates. Whoever invented it, the public of the late 20th century couldn’t get enough, and the cocktail continued to gain popularity until it reached the heights of exposure in the 90s.

Sadly, like many heroes, the Cosmo was destined for a fall. Once the new millennium began, everyone started pretending to like Martinis again, and the Cosmo lost its prestige. However, not everyone has given up on it, and there are some believers willing to give it the love and attention it deserves.

Father’s Office mixologist Mateo Ortiz is one of the few that has risen to the challenge. The Improved Cosmo is a fresh take on a classic, using gin and Grand Marnier to give the cocktail a punch, and adding raspberry and pomegranate fresca which Ortiz notes “gives a tartness and sophistication that our customers love”.

Taylor Swift and her coterie of likeminded (alleged) Cosmopolitan fans celebrate Thanksgiving in the only conceivable fashion: with Cosmos
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The cocktail will be a feature of QV Melbourne’s outdoor cinema opening, as it returns for this summer. As Melbourne’s only silent outdoor cinema, viewers must try and survive in the harsh and unrelenting conditions, with nothing but deckchair seating, high quality headphones, and a summer viewing program. Last night’s opening coincided with the launch of Shop the City, which was celebrated appropriately with a free screening of seminal film classic Sex and the City: The Movie.

In today’s modern society, many a well-meaning cocktail has been abandoned by the public and left by the wayside for good, but the improved Cosmo is one of Father’s Office’s most popular cocktails. Ortiz attributes its success to its simplicity: “Not only is the drink pretty to look at, but the few ingredients in it work perfectly together,” he says. He also notes that “it’s identified with celebrations, having fun and being out on the town.”

For anyone aiming to make the drink themselves, he says the key to have a balance of sweet and sour, similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s love life. This can be achieved by using either cranberry juice or any berry fresca. “Ultimately it should be light, pink and easy to drink at a party,” he says. If you’re trying the cosmo at Father’s Office, he recommends ordering it with the signature arancini, or baked camembert with beetroot relish.

65ml Cosmo Mix (Beefeater Gin and Grand Mariner)
20ml Lemon
20ml Raspberry and Pomegranate Fresca

Put ice in shaker. Pour all ingredients into shaker and shake well. Julep strain into coupe, garnish with an orange twist.


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