You heard that right, Crayola Crayons has just released a makeup line available exclusively at ASOS. Dare to go colour crazy and draw outside the lines like you never could before. Bringing all your childhood dreams to life, the new Crayola Beauty line aims to empower young men and women to express themselves and bring out their creativity.

Colour yourself happy with the 95 shades across the 58-piece, vegan and cruelty-free collection that includes a range of highlighters, mascaras, eye shadow palettes and brush kits in addition to the most innovative product of the line, the first face crayon that can be used on your lips, eyes and cheek.

The iconic brand has firm roots in colour and creativity, and taking on the concept in terms of beauty is a step in the right direction for Crayola keeping up with self-expression and identity in a time of Instagram and YouTube, platforms by which many young people express themselves freely and share their personal creativity with other like-minded users.

Break beauty protocol and bring yellow across your lids and lips for a bright and bold look to combat those winter greys, or try a cobalt-blue mascara paired with a cherry-red lip for a hint of unexpected colour. Whatever you imagined as a child, you can make it come to life on your face with the Crayola Beauty range.

Shop the exclusive collection now at ASOS.