It’s a dedication like no other. A love, an obsession, a rush. But to what? Beauty that makes our heart buzz, of course; the cult hero[ines].

So what happens when cult is turned on its head and then some? Typically, if ain’t broke, the advice is don’t fix it. But if it’s amazing, why not improve it? It’s cult, remastered. A new kind. A sexier kind. The best kind.

Like La Mer’s legendary Crème de la Mer who, with nostalgia in her eyes, has taken a trip back to the ’20s, revisiting the Deco beauty of the original jar of Crème de la Mer. This limited edition uses the same signature colour way as one of Dr Max Huber’s original jar designs — peach, white and sage — refashioned in a decal that adds the perfect vintage touch to any vanity (with the same magic inside). Estée Lauder’s best-selling foundation, Double Wear, has also had a revamp, or rather, an extension. The hugely popular foundation added a new, slightly more naked sibling to its franchise in Double Wear Nude. And now the Double Wear family has grown once more, this time expanding its colour stable instead of changing the formulation. As of this month, the shade range for Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup now sits at 61, proudly the biggest in the market.

La Prairie’s cult-classic hero has had a suitably lavish makeover. The beloved Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Luxe Cream Sheer are remastered with a new, all-encompassing skew of its star ingredient, Caviar. For the first time, La Prairie has fully harnessed the whole potential of its caviar, unlocking a new world of skin glory through the sumptuous addition of Caviar Premier. It’s your favourite indulgence, but better. Whilst Guerlain’s legendary lipstick, Rouge G, has also been cast anew and customisation is key. Rouge G now boasts 27 refill lipstick shades and 15 bespoke cases. Pick and choose for the most intimate of style statements.

For those who consider themselves fluent in the language of beauty, think again. It’s time to join the new cult.

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