I have many concerns, period. But when it comes to skin concerns, my overarching concern is pigmentation, thanks to some naughty hormones and an equally naughty love of the beach. Every dermatlogist and skin specialist will tell you the same thing: pigmentation – from Melasma to post-infamatory – is the hardest skin condition to treat, and for most, chronic (yippee).

Whilst potent dermal treatments, like laser and the like, are pigmentation’s greatest cure, there are creams and serums on the market to banish your brown spots and brighten your complexion.

After some diligent slathering morning and night, the following creams get the GRAZIA tick-of-approval for brightening and lightening. Brown spots, begone.

La Prairie White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire 
Everything La Prairie touches turns to gold (or Caviar), and this particular skew turns everything a little lighter and brighter. The latest piece de resistance in the La Prairie stable is the White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire, which harnesses a little molecule of light – Lumidose – to promote brightness in the complexion. To touch, the cream is as you would expect of all La Prairie products, rich and luxurious, yet sheer enough for a rather sensitive complexion like mine to relish without irritation. I have a concentrated band of brown spots around my upper lip, and even after four weeks of usage, I noticed a palpable difference. They were lighter, and far less noticeable. Along with this, the cream endows you with a glorious ‘glow’. With every lavish smear, a soft glow ensues, like a filter across your face. Basically light in a jar; it’s a cream worthy of investment.

La Prairie White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire, $895.
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ole henriksen truth serum
When it comes to brightening, Vitamin C is your guy (or gal). I have been slathering a few drops of this serum for a while now, and each time my skin feels brighter and more radiant. Loaded with Vitamin C, along with collagen and orange and green tea extracts – the serum helps to brighten and firm for that famous “Ole-Glow”.
ole henriksen truth serum, $98. shop now

Rationale antioxidant lipid concentrate
A new Rationale user, I am already most impressed with the results. Each Rationale skin program is bespoke according to skin concern, and my Rationale “prescription” was of course focused on pigmentation. Two weeks in, and a whole lot of glow later, the indubitable star in my regime is the Antioxidant Lipid Concentrate. Bright orange in colour, this precious oil-like liquid melts into skin and leaves you positively glowing. Targeting post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it also works to suppress melanin production in the basal layers of the skin (smart little serum). Even infrared radiation is on its radar; Australian SolarProtective Botanicals defend against InfraRed Radiation, whilst Essential Fatty Acids restore suppleness, firmness and resilience to dry, sensitive skin. My dark ‘mo already looks lighter. Praise the Rationale Lord.

rationale antioxidant lipid concentrate, $155.
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Tile Image: Instagram, @hungvanngo