First, Kendall kicked off the green eye party on New Year’s Eve with a precise slick of lime green eyeliner. Then, Camilla Belle wore a super smudged-out jade green eye to the Golden Globes thanks to the wizardry of Hung Vanngo. And now, David Beckham – the every woman’s (and man’s) man – has fronted the cover of Love Magazine with an emerald green eyeshadow, solidifying the green eye as the eye of 2019.

Makeup artist Miranda Joyce was responsible for the look, which she simply called “#chic,” (although we think beautifully rugged is a little more apt). Joyce smudged a teal shadow onto Beckham’s upper mobile lid, keeping the look a little rough and ready (of course). Whilst David Beckham could wear a paper bag and still look good – truly – we are into this green eye look. It may not be our favourite green eye of all time, but we are very much digging his courage to do it; it takes quite the man to wear makeup, let alone a bold green shadow like this. It’s ballsy and brilliant and bold – and the internet seemingly agrees, with an ebullient outpouring of support from fans. “If he’s wearing eyeshadow… IM HERE FOR IT!” commented one admirer. Another, a simple “Obsessed”. And there were a whole lot of “Yeeeesssss” filling up the Instagram comments section.

But maybe one eager fan summed it up best: “Real men wear eyeshadow — and look hot af. The end.”

We never thought we’d be taking our makeup inspo from the former British soccer player, but after this cover, we’re keen to go green. Time to bend it like Becks with green shadow, we think. This is going to be huge.