NEW YORK CITY: In the great city of New York, the highline – the elevated freight rail line transformed into a public walkway in the West Village – is famous for two things: there is a succession of purposefully-planted foliage (a rare sight in the otherwise concrete jungle). The foot traffic is also as dense as Times Square or a line at Katz Deli on Houston on any given afternoon. But there could be a third famous credential coming its way: Are Ariana Grande and fiancé Pete Davidson moving to the highline?

According to TMZ, the singer and her SNL beau have moved into a $16 million apartment in Zaha Hadid’s highline-hugging condo complex on West 28th street. While an apartment was sold for this price just ten days ago, the owner of it has yet to be named in city records so we’re unsure if Grande has bought the 11th story apartment or is renting there. It has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and the building has access to a private IMAX theatre and a pool and spa. Having walked past it just yesterday, however, it doesn’t seem incredibly private. You can see straight into the kitchens and living rooms of the apartments which are at eyeline level as you walk the high line.

We’ll keep you posted.