Drew Barrymore, everyone’s favourite ray of sunshine and Flower Beauty founder, has shared the three makeup products she can’t live without.

For Barrymore, a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and dab hand in the makeup chair, a beauty range seemed inevitable, with Flower Beauty an extension of herself and a deeply personal one at that. “For me, FLOWER Beauty is so personal and such a part of who I am. I set out to give our customers a prestige product at a mass price,” says Barrymore proudly. “I’ve always been a beauty junkie, so that passion has been with me since I was a kid. When I was in makeup trailers at work, I would see these women getting into their makeup and this transformation would take place and it was less about how the face looked and more about how that woman was feeling inside and how her physical posture and body language changed. It was so powerful,” she says. If the transformative power of makeup was the seed, then Barrymore’s passion was the water; growing Flower Beauty into one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the US. But it’s Barrymore’s emphasis on affordability which is perhaps most telling above all else. “Beauty is for everybody is actually one of our mantras. I don’t think that anyone’s economic standing should play a part in feeling good about themselves.”

Here, cute-as-pie Drew shares her favourite Flower Beauty products, so you can be as fresh as a daisy – or a Drew – in no time.

The everyday palette
“This is the palette I throw in my bag when I’m on the go, it has everything you need for a full face!”

Flower Beauty Flower Full Face Palette, $14. shop now

“An all-time favourite as it gives my lashes the volume I need and the curved spiked brush is great for really getting to the root of the lash”

Flower Beauty Lash Warrior Mascara, $10. shop now

The perfect peach lipstick
“Our range of petal pout lipsticks are incredible and rival some of the best prestige formulas in my opinion. The peachy nude shade is a gorgeous everyday nude, you just can’t go wrong.”

Flower beauty petal pout lip color naked blush, $10. shop now