It may be Men’s Fashion Week at the moment, but the girls are getting a serious run on the catwalk, too. From Versace’s select it-girls (Bella, Kaia and Emily) to Prada’s new female protagonist, Gigi Hadid, the girls have been getting in on the action, ruling the runways of Milan alongside the boys. And with this cliquish female cast comes some spectacular beauty looks. Case in point: the grungy, glitter eyes at Dsquared².

Glitter usually aligns itself with the glamorous and the girly, with swoops of the sparkly stuff typically translating to bombshell beauty looks or fluffy, girlish faces. But not at Dsquared². The edgy designer took glitter and made it grunge; playing on power pigments and a whole lot of punk, they smeared and smudged high-octane metallics up and around the eye with rebellion.

Riotous colour – think vivid violet, peacock blue and emerald green – was blended across the entire lid and smudged all the way to the brow bone. A darker, sootier shade was then smudged below the eye, with a dab of colour creeping down near the waterline, too. Then for the glitter bomb. M.A.C Cosmetics Pigment – a loud, loose glitter pigment – was dusted on the upper mobile lid so that when the model blinked an iridescent glow would reveal itself.

Sooty with a hint of sparkle, take your cues from Dsquared² and dial up those lids with bold colour and ample glitter, because sometimes more is more. And if you need any more convincing, see below. Gritty glitter for the win.