Surrounded by a sea of spinning mirrors, the Acler girls stormed the runway in balloon-sleeves, hot pink and the pattern of the season – gingham. With the ability to be seen from every and any angle on the runway, Redken Hair Director, Phillip Barwick, took the opportunity to create super-chic yet super-relatable looks, emphasising the idea of embracing who you are and your own unique look.

Working closely with the designers at Acler, the Redken team produced three key looks that would embody the idea of embracing and accentuating your own personal style. “The inspiration behind today’s looks was personal style, individual style and the power within that. We were also trying to chase something that had an effortless feel to it,” says Barwick. “We had our crops, our pixie cut, our curls, and then to relax what we were doing we have ‘models own’.”

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In short 
“I’ll take you through the short one first. It was to show how striking girls with short hair can look, and that’s part of this vibe of individual style. So what we did was actually wrap the girls hair, they’re wigs, to show the empowerment of that shorter hair and it flows with this really cool vibe. The girls that have short hair in the industry get booked really quickly and there’s not as many of them as you’d like there to be, so we decided to make them ourselves (using wigs). Each one of these haircuts was done 80% at the salon and then we brought them here and we fine-tuned them on the models, which is an art in itself. They’re all texture cut so there’s not blunt lines in them.”

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“Then we have our curls. For girls who had natural girls, we used products to help put moisture into their hair and help the curl come back up, to accentuate it, and then diffuse dry that. We also had girls who had straight hair who we used very small tongs on, to give them that vibe as well. It had a nice, floating sort of feel to it. We put in a styling mousse, Full Effect 04, and used that to get the curls looking really lush instead of looking dehydrated and crunchy.”

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a good role model 
“For models own, the idea was literally like the hair had been tucked behind the ear, maybe tied back earlier in the day and the band was taken out. There was still a lot of work in it though – we had models with wavy hair in this section. Moving into our effortless look, we used our Pillow Proof Express Primer and put in a little bit of Diamond Oil Glow Dry and work that through, which gives the hair a leaner feel. With Triple Take 32, which has a really strong hold, we used lightly and from a distance so you need hardly any of it.”

When it comes to your hair, Acler argue you do you. And we agree.