Emily Ratajkowski and her millionaire movie-making husband Sebastian Bear-McClard are reportedly living rent-free and are nightmare neighbours.

The couple who sublet a 1100 square-foot apartment at 49 Bleeker Street in New York City apparently host really loud parties into the wee hours of the morning. The landlord, a guy called Antoni Ghosh, lives next door, is seeking to evict the 31-year-old who is worth an estimated AUD $16.9 million but owes Ghosh AUD $169 000 in rent. According to the NY Post, this is the succession of texts he has sent Bear-McClard, as shown to a court:

December 14 2015:

AG: “Can you turn music off, trying to sleep, it’s 4:30 for Christ sake”

SBM: “Not home sorry.”

AG: “Please tell your friends not to crank music that late … the walls act like speakers and my bedroom is on the other side. As it is I can hear voices.”

May 9 2016:

AG: “Turn it down.”

May 11 2016:

AG: “Hey Sebastian, I don’t know if you got a home theatre system, but it sounds like it’s in my apartment, can you turn it down, trying to sleep.”

October 2016:

AG: “Hey, can you turn it down, 4 am and you woke me and my daughter up. I can’t have late parties here, otherwise it [the space] has to become completely commercial with no residential.”

There is a law in New York which prevents landlords  of lofts from kicking artists and low-income tenants out who may be living illegally. The law says tenants can’t be evicted if the building doesn’t have a certificate of occupancy. The Bleeker building – a loft – doesn’t not have said certificate. But Ghosh will argue Bear-McClard and Ratajkowski (who is reportedly worth AUD $8.4 million) are hardly a pay-cheque away from the streets.