While you were sleeping, the prospect of Brett Kavanaugh’s political career appears more personally promising than last night and he will likely be confirmed to America’s top court after lawmakers continue to review an independent FBI report. The current US judge has been the talk of America – and the world – as he publicly defended himself against accusations of sexual assault made by Christine Blasey Ford. The latter last week told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Judge Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her 36 years ago when she was 15-years-old.

In a powerful testimony which rings as one of the most jarring victim impact statements, Blasey Ford says Kavanaugh (who was 17 at the time) locked her in a bedroom at a party before trying to remove her clothing and put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.

As swing voters deliberate and deliver their votes over whether they think Judge Kavanaugh should be appointed to the US Supreme court, protesters staged a demonstration on the ground floor of the Senate building on Capitol Hill. One of them was Emily Ratajkowski, who was subsequently arrested.

“Today I was arrested protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault,” Ratajkowski wrote on her Instagram. “Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power. Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is a message to women in this country that they do not matter. I demand a government that acknowledges, respects and supports women as much as it does men.”

More to come.