Tell me something girl / Are you happy in this modern world / Or do you need more / Is there something else you’re searching for.” Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Mark Ronson and Lukas Nelson are discussing how Gaga’s character, rising musician Ally, found her sound and her voice in the film. A Star Is Born, in Australian cinemas on October 18 tells the stirring, raw and passionate love story between two artistic souls: Jack and Ally. The former is a seasoned musician and helps navigate Ally to superstardom. Directed by Cooper, all of the film’s music is original and was written with a handful of artists including Lukas Nelson and Mark Ronson. “There is no point in the movie where any lyric is sung that isn’t directly related to exactly what their fear is, their hope, their dream is,” says Cooper. Every song on the soundtrack was recorded live too, a huge coup for the actor who isn’t a professional singer.

So how did Gaga arrive at Ally’s sound? “One of the first things Mark [Ronson] said to me was, ‘I know you can write a pop song but what is one thing you absolutely have to write about?’ We were writing Shallow from the point of view of Ally,” she says citing this is the song where the characters fall in love. “When I was writing music for the film, I had to think about Ally as if she wasn’t me… So I went for a sound for her in the pop realm that is unlike anything I’ve put out before.”

Watch the exclusive footage below as Gaga, Cooper, Ronson and Nelson discuss the making of the music.

A Star Is Born is in Australian cinemas on October 18.