We’ve heard it all before. Sun. Stress. Sleep. Smoke. Pollution. The usual suspects are there, ready to attack. But there’s a new stressor which threatens our skin health and it’s more common than you think. Blue light — that stream of visible light that pours from smartphones, laptops and the like — is not only disrupting your mind and its ability to rest but now your skin. Estée Lauder’s research team discovered that blue light exposure at night can potentially wreak havoc on skin cells’ natural circadian rhythm, speeding up the ageing process. Meaning? An innocent Instagram scroll may be causing you wrinkles. This artificial blue light can confuse the skin into thinking that it is still daytime, thus placing on hold its natural intensive night-time repair process. Out-of-sync skin means premature ageing, which means put away the phone. Still, knowing our addiction to social media and all things digital runs deep, Estèe Lauder has recalibrated its cult Advanced Night Repair Complex with blue-light-fighting capabilities (clever, huh?). A gel-based eye creme that helps to repair and prevent the effects of blue light, plus lack of sleep, UV and pollution. Think of the new Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery as your nightly weapon against blue light. This hydrating treatment is a triple threat, actively repairing, brightening and preventing free radical damage whilst dramatically reducing the telltale signs of eye ageing including ne lines, puf ness and dark circles. You (and Zuckerberg) will be most impressed.