The number of renditions, remixes and remakes of Lindsay Lohan dancing at her beach club in Mykonos is surely why video recording was invented. No matter your mind space – angry, upset, euphoric, mellow, a couple of wines in – the experience of watching Lohan’s hair flick and leg lift will truly bring you so much joy. Maybe tears. And it’s best served with friends around you. It does make you feel good.

Just like the Lohan Beach House Mykonos website says: “Don’t let the shallow water mislead you. Entertainment is deep and can be wild like the ocean.” We don’t really understand what this means but we feel like Lohan wrote it. And she’s right, the entertainment she provides us is deep and wild, (Remember her foreign accent?).

Today, however, Lohan is attempting to clap back at the haters who are laughing at her and not with her. The actress, 32, posted a photo of herself to her Instagram account wearing a bomber jacket that says “Troubled”. She captioned it, “They said I was troubled. I said this is how you throw a party in Mykonos bitch. ‘The more hate you wear, the less you care,’.” Yes, we’re still a little confused but still so amused.

The photo is actually part of Diesel’s new digital Fall/Winter 2018 ad which addresses cyber bullying. Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and Bella Thorne have also shared images taking the most hurtful things they’ve been called online and turning them on their head. Diesel has called these pieces of apparel “hate couture”.

According to Tyra Banks, Lohan had to forgo a role in the sequel to their 2000 film Life Size 2, as she will be filming an MTV show surrounding her club. Banks says though Lohan will still be involved in the film in some way.