Credit: Instagram @nailsbymarysol

ICYMI, glitter make-up is beyond happening right now. Finding its place on eyes, cheeks, lips and hands – the glitter trend has pretty much reached, ‘the only rule, is there are no rules,’ status. However when it comes to working the gilded look IRL, tact, touch-ups and an open mind are essential factors to consider. One of the easiest (and most office-friendly) ways to embrace the gleam is via your nails, where one swipe of shimmer-spiked nail polish will transform your AM-to-PM potential.

Credit: Instagram @jiwinaia

But here’s the thing, as it turns out we’ve been applying glitter nail polish all wrong. Rather than layering in on like a regular polish – which results in patchy glitter and an uneven finish – nail vlogger Kelli Marissa shared a trick on YouTube, which promises high-impact, full coverage glitter on every nail, every time.


The secret is to use a cosmetic sponge to dab glitter polish onto a base-coated nail. Marissa explains how the sponge soaks up the clear nail polish, leaving only the glitter behind to be pressed on in one dense layer. Genius! Below, seven luminous lacquers work layering on. Twinkle, twinkle.

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