Leading American investment and asset firm Piper Jaffray has revealed the results of their latest ‘Taking Stock With Teens’ survey. Delving into the likes and wants of over 6000 Gen Z’s across the United States, it has brought to light their current obsessions and habits.

According to the survey, food is their number one priority when it comes to spending hard earned dosh. But once they’ve left the food court, what are they buying? Beauty products for girls and video games for boys ranked highly, then fashion was a lead by a growing preference for streetwear brands. Labels like Vans and Supreme saw a distinct spike in sales while 90s iconic names like Champion and Tommy Hilfiger have started soaring once again.

This penchant for streetwear style is following on predictably from the overall 90s mega-resurgence. The grunge style of the pre-millenium decade is back in a big way. And not only are man-style track pants, ‘ugly’ sneakers, oversized sweats, ironic logos, puffa jackets and belt bags on trend, they are also suitably pocket-money-friendly for this impressionable generation. They’re delving into their mum’s and dad’s wardrobes and pulling out what is now the new vintage. Discmans, mini-backpacks, band tees and souvenir caps. They’re ironic new-wave fans of The Spice Girls, Puff Daddy, Nirvana, Salt N Pepa and Tupac and are being culturally inspired watching films like Pulp Fiction, Romeo + Juliet, The Basketball Diaries and Dangerous Minds.

Streetwear, in all its affordable, comfortable, couldn’t-care, ironic glory obviously resonates with the teen market, just as it did during its first incarnation almost 30 years ago.

You only need to walk past a mall on a weekend or a high school on a mufti day to see it for yourself.

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