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While the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show might take place in December, every Angel will tell you the preparation takes months. Making her debut this year was New Zealand-born model, Georgia Fowler who looked ever the Angel on the Grand Palais runway in Paris overnight. Earlier this year we caught up with the Kiwi on the set of her Kookai Spring/Summer campaign to chat fitness, food and how she gets a runway-ready glow.

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I’ve started to use a serum under my moisturiser and that helps a lot 
Just from flying all the time, sometimes my skin texture gets a bit drier than normal. There is an Ultraceuticals one that is quite good. Lip balm always! There’s a Nuxe one I love, or just Paw Paw.

I try to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible 

I think a lot of products have a lot of chemicals in them, and actually when you start messing with your skin too much it doesn’t do any favours. Just make sure you take your makeup off, I’ll use Bioderma its really simple. Moisturiser, always! And if I’m flying I’ll go to the La Mer counter at the airport and use the most expensive crème they’ve got!

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When I’m not working I just wear mascara
I love just Mascara! I also ove just a little light wash of foundation – the Giorgio Armani one is really good, it’s really sheer. I don’t like to cover my skin too much, I like that my freckles can still show. A bit of bronzer, a bit of highlighter and keep it really fresh and simple. I like to fill in my eyebrows too.

I try not to do too much with my hair, and having a fringe has encouraged me to embrace my natural curl, which is good
Before I had the fringe it was longer layers at the front and they didn’t bounce up the same as the rest of it, so I ended up straightening it. But with the bangs it all bounces, and curls and you just let it go scruffy and leave it natural I think is the best thing. The minute I start straightening it, it starts to get a bit more wiggy and I don’t love it.

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I love boxing, it’s a good stress release, it’s lots of fun and it’s a great cardio workout
I think you should train with a trainer for a while before you do boxing classes, because I think if you punch wrong you can actually hurt your wrists. One of my friends in Sydney actually trains me every time I come down, for a few sessions, Zack Vickers at Transpose and he’s fabulous!
Make sure your technique is right, and have fun!

Sometimes I’ll put my gym gear at the end of my bed and you just got to get up and put your gym gear on straight away and do it!
Don’t think too much about it, go to the hotel gym even if it’s for only 20 minutes and you’ll feel so much better from just getting your heart rate up. There are some fabulous Nike Training apps that you can do on your phone too, which I’ve done in my hotel room. What I do if I’m jetlagged, or I know I’m going to be tired, just sign up to classes online and because you’ve paid for it you feel obliged to go and can’t get out of it. Take a skipping rope, some resistance bands. Something is better than nothing.

It is difficult to be picky with food when you’re travelling
Because sometimes you’re at the airport and they just don’t have options or I go to a city and I don’t actually know where the supermarket is. So sometimes I take protein bars with me, or protein shakes that I make up. But often it’s just trying to stick to what’s fresh, get a salad with protein, veggies with protein.
Sometimes, you are exhausted and you need some sugar and that’s ok. If you’re tired, have a treat and if everyone on set is having something, don’t deprive yourself of it because you’re just going to want it more. So its all about balance and when you can be super healthy, be healthy. And when you can’t, oh well its out of your control.