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Today, the Sydney Eastern set’s aesthetic demands say street-style must meet convenience and comfort. A casual coffee date, a suitcase-in-tow sprint to a departure gate or an impromptu business meeting requires a shoe that allows you to slip it on, cinch down and zip around. After all, the generation of hustlers is now – and a quick lace system pared with a black midi is imperative for the aforementioned clique. Enter Nike’s new Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer.

Derived from 1988 original, the latest addition to the shoe giant’s stable exhibits flyknit technology that literally wraps around your foot (the outsole is still rubber) and is combined with a bootie-style construction that means the shoe fits like an actual sock. Four years in the making, each layer was defined to ensure it has a feather-weight feel and while not a shoe for training, it’s the lifestyle kick the modern-day hustler needs.

A past staple on the Sydney nightlife scene was GG Magree. From DJ’ing at pre-lockout-laws hotspot Backroom in Kings Cross just a few years back to now playing at coveted international events for Louis Vuitton, YSL and Chanel, Magree is emblematic of the everything the Air Zoom’s represent. GRAZIA caught up with Nike’s latest ambassador and discovered what being hungry for ambition really means.

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Nike’s Mariahs represent young city hustlers and their bold pursuits to realise their aspirations, which is also very representative of the GRAZIA woman. Stylistically, what do you love most about this shoe?

“I run or move a lot throughout the day so comfort is something I look for in a shoe and this style has some FIRE! They’re so breathable and they’re minimal look makes them easy to wear, which is perfect for my wardrobe and also for the amount of traveling I do (in and out of airports removing shoes can be a huge pain).” 

How do you wear it?

“I usually just bust them with an oversized tee and a cute pair of shorts – Nike booty shorts are my fave.”  

What kept you motivated to keep at your dream when you first started out?

“I’m addicted to what I do. There is no better feeling in the world than playing shows and looking up to see people going nuts and having the best time to something you have created. Every time things get a little tough and I need to readjust to a better mindset, I just re-watch videos of sets I’ve done, or write some new music babies.”  

How hard was it originating in Sydney? Australia is so far away from the rest of the world…

“I think if anything it makes you fight a lot more for your dreams. It’s definitely hard, but I feel like music is hard. Really pursuing anything creative is challenging – you have to allow people into your mind’s truest thoughts and responses to that can be scary. But all the people that love what you do makes the difficult bits worth it. I don’t think being in Australia is necessarily harder, it just makes you fight a lot harder for what you want.”  

What was the hardest part about moving to Los Angeles?

“I LOVE L.A. As much as I love Australia, L.A. has always felt like home to me. It’s a big city to hustle but it’s crazy the people you meet over here and the connections you’re able to make. One day you’re making music in your room, the next you’re in with some of the top producers in the world! It really is amazing.” 

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When it came to your career, were there ever any moments of self-doubt? And how did you overcome them?

“Of course. Everyone has self-doubt. Putting out my first single on in August One by One is the scariest thing I’ve ever done. The thoughts going through my head were crazy! However, I just tell myself ‘This is me, and I’m doing the best version of me I can’. I’m a super positive person and I’m so blessed I have such a strong support network of family and friends, we’re always there for each other and push each other.” 

As GRAZIA is fashion-obsessed, we’d love to know what your experience was like working with Chanel?

“It was elegant and I felt like such a lady. It was a dream. I mean every girl either owns or dreams of owning Chanel.”  

And Louis Vuitton? 

“Louis is gangsta – they loved my look and vibe and were down for whatever I wanted to work in.” 

And YSL?

“YSL is rock star – it was so much fun! I played a lot harder then I usually do at fashion gigs as they’re super open to experimental music which allowed me to play around with sounds and a vibe more.”

Can you describe your on-stage style?

“Tomboy meets street-chic. I’m so comfortable with who I am so I feel like I really push boundaries with my fashion. I’m automatic, baby! Which basically just means I’m obsessed with Motocross, Grand Prix etc. which is totally reflected in my style.”

How important is it to have celebrity sightings like a Ruby Rose or a Vanessa Hudgens in your streetwear brand, Yeah Pussy?

“For me, it’s more important to have people who influence the world in a positive, cool way wearing my brand. So I feel super blessed that people like Vanessa and Ruby love Yeah Pussy because there two extremely talented ladies.”  

What’s next for you? What’s the pipe dream?

“Playing huge festivals around the world, having number one singles flow throughout the years, working with more amazing brands like Nike and LV, collaborating with many artists and working with my manager Lexy, to make Yeah Pussy the biggest creative label in the world.”

According to you, what’s the number one rule of hustling?

“Be happy, be true, be hungry and don’t be afraid. Dreams are a lot closer to a reality then we think.”