Like an LBD, a soaring stiletto and a sharp mind, lipstick is equally as powerful in a woman’s arsenal. A symbol of the suffragette movement, female empowerment and gender parity, lipstick remains a tool of power, strength and might for women. Be it bold or tender; we stand loud and proud in shades of red, pink, purple and nude, and Guerlain is here to lead from the front.

Introducing the new generation of Rouge G; an innovative, refillable lipstick that is tailored to you, and only you. Choose from 27 beautiful shades, then customise your lipstick with a range of bespoke cases – 15 to be exact – stylish accessories in their own right (that you will want to show off).

Gather your girl gang; Guerlain Rouge G has your lips covered – not sealed – from meetings to martinis. In an all-new, super hydrating formula, the new generation Rouge G is loaded with mango butter, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid spheres, which plump whilst nourishing and smoothing the lip. Highly-pigmented and ultra-luminous; raise not only your voice, but your tone, with 27 shades of My Rouge G.

Are you a pink lady? Scale the spectrum and move from Deep to Light; make a sepia-like stop at Antique Pink, or go rich and ruddy with Pearly Rosewood. Or, if you See The Very Rosy Side Of Life, choose a pearlescent fuchsia for the ultimate pop.

If you prefer to stop traffic however, red is your colour. From Cherry to Flaming Red, rev your engine with a fiery hue. Feeling fresh? Choose juicy shades of Bright Coral and Orange Coral. Or if you like to get deep, Plum is your poison, always.

But for those who get all sentimental, stock up on the Collector’s Shades. Eight fashionable hues to make you memorable, no matter the occasion. From a stylish Oxblood to a vivid Violet, set the pace with colours that are both on trend and statement-worthy.

Then it’s the icons. The It-Girls. Or shades. No. 214, that classic, timeless red. No. 520, a juicy pink that only reveals its true self when in contact with the wearer’s lips (mysterious, much?). And No, 777, the pure Guerlain gold, glimmering and golden either on its own or as a shimmering top coat.

My Rouge G. Your Rouge G. Our Rouge G. Who run the world? Girls. In Guerlain lipstick, of course.

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