Our favourite Hollaback Girl and 2000’s style icon has reportedly registered several variations of ‘P8nt’ (pronounced ‘paint’) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The application is said to cover a range of cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and bath products.

Stefani is no stranger to the makeup world. She conquered the realm of fragrance with her infamous Harajuku Lovers perfumes, which continue to sell 10 years on. As well as being the face of Revlon, she also collaborated with Urban Decay back in 2015.

Her signature look has been iconic since her No Doubt days: platinum blonde (and on occasion, neon pink) hair, full set of lined lashes, and of course, that red lip.

No word yet from Stefani herself on the status of the makeup line. As for us – we hope the rumours are true. No one could design a statement red lipstick like Gwen Stefani. When you’re the maker and the muse, magical things are bound to happen.

Cover and Tile Image: Instagram, @gwenstefani