Harvey Weinstein appeared in a Manhattan court on July 9.

Harvey Weinstein fronted a New York City court again overnight, in relation to new alleged instances of sexual assault.

The disgraced Hollywood mogul was led in handcuffed and appeared pale. Inside the court, he entered a not guilty plea to a charge of performing a forcible sex act on a woman.

The prosecutor also argued for a tightening of Weinstein’s bail conditions, requesting he be put under house arrest. Weinstein posted US $1 million in May, agreeing to wear an ankle monitor and not leave New York State or Connecticut, where he has a home. But the judge decided to keep the conditions as they were.

“We are very pleased the court did not exchange the existing bail conditions that Mr. Weinstein has scrupulously abided by,” said his lawyer Benjamin Brafman.

Brafman also revealed he expects his client may face yet more charges to come.

“We anticipate based on what the prosecutor has said that there may be more charges. My guess would be that they came with the most serious charges that they could find first. If there’s more we will deal with them when they come.”

Last month, Weinstein was hit with heavier charges than he had previously been facing. If he is found guilty of accusations made by a third woman – in addition to instances involving the two women the case was opened with – he will spend a minimum of 10 years behind bars and could go to prison for life.

In addition to the New York case, investigations are also ongoing in LA and the UK.

He’ll next appear in court in September.

The alleged incidents before the court in this case only involve three of the more than 60 women who have publicly accused him of sexual harassment and abuse.

The former film finances continues to deny all charges against him