We haven’t checked in with Harvey Weinstein in a little while, but alas here we are again. In what is being dubbed as an “explosive” documentary, ABC’s Four Corners have presented Working With Weinstein, an investigation into UK-based claims of sexual abuse and harassment by the film mogul.

The documentary features accounts from former Miramax employees including one producer named David Parfitt who worked on the film My Week With Marilyn starring Michelle Williams. “We were quite surprised at the amount of attention we got from Harvey on the film,” said Parfitt. “I hadn’t seen this before. He was turning up on a regular basis on set, desperate to be around Michelle as far as we could see in a sort of creepy, stalkerish way. In particular, turning up on a day when we had nude swimming.”

During post-production, Weinstein allegedly advised Parfitt and his team that Williams needed to be featured more heavily than their final cut. After an audience scored Parfitt’s version really well at a test screening, Weinstein became furious, and violent. “We were talking at the back of the theatre after the audience had left, but the Miramax crowd were around, and he pinned me up against a Coke machine and threatened all sorts of stuff,” he said. “It was very scary. But he was just furious that the film in our version had worked.” Williams is yet to address these claims.