Today, the day after Victoria Beckham’s ceremonial runway show at London Fashion Week (and that now-iconic piece of cinema whereby she’s dancing to Spice Up Your Life), Beckham took to Instagram to post a few of her favourite beauty products – namely the ones for “fresh-looking skin.”

After a big few days (and perhaps a few too many champagnes at Mark’s Club in Mayfair), it seems Mrs. Beck’s needed a little help from the makeup Gods to reconcile some tired skin. Posting a shot of her beauty products – splayed stylishly, of course – to her Instagram story, a seemingly weary Beckham captioned the image with a beauty call-for-help:

“Trying to get fresh-looking skin!”

We hear you, Victoria. She also, in capitals, added: “I MUST DRINK MORE WATER TODAY!!” Again, very sound advice. But as Victoria knows, H20 alone won’t cut it, so she turned to some trusty beauty products to help freshen up a fatigued guise. We, of course, felt impelled to capture Beckham’s swag of fresh-inducing beauty products, immortalising her stash in single screenshot. Genius, if we say so ourselves.

Here, under the beauty microscope, we decipher exactly what’s on Beckham’s vanity. From moisturiser to mascara, we breakdown what Victoria uses for fresh-looking skin. You can thank us later.

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