One minute you’re going along, living your life, googling somewhere to have a hot bowl of pho this weekend. The next you’re subscribed to alerts on someone called Kaitlynn Carter’s Instagram account, and listening to Brandi Cyrus’ podcast.

But let’s not spend too much time wondering how we got here. That’s for next week’s therapy session! For now, let’s accept our insatiable interest in Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s break-up and consider the latest update in the story.

The new details come from Miley’s sister Brandi Cyrus, who, as alluded to above, co-hosts a podcast called Your Favourite Thing with Wells Adam, AKA Sarah Hyland’s boyfriend. On the first episode since this thing started going down a few days ago, Brandi, who’s been on vacation in Europe with Miley and Kaitlynn, couldn’t not address the drama it seems the whole world is talking about, because sometimes you just need some light(ish) relief from the fact the arctic ice sheets are melting.

“It’s not my business to talk about and it’s nothing anything of mine to tell,” Brandi said.

“There’s nothing I can really say. I just, I’m here for her, obviously, and I’ve been spending a lot of time with her. When she’s ready to talk about it or whatever, then she will.”

If you’re not quite ready to go back to thinking about those melting arctic ice sheets just yet, here’s where the whole saga is at as of Thursday morning Australian time.

Liam is still bunkering down at Hemsworth HQ in Byron Bay, while Miley is still twerking somewhere warm, more than likely joined by friend and/or lover Kaitlynn Carter.

Meanwhile Brody Jenner has moved on as quickly as ex Carter. According to a report yesterday, The Hills star is seeing Victoria’s Secret model Josie Canseco.

Miley and Liam’s animals are yet to break their silence to the National Enquirer via a pet medium, but it can’t be far off.