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Strobing was one of the prettiest and easiest to pull off makeup trends of 2015. Why? Because, unlike heavy Kim Kardashian-style contouring, strobing’s about using shimmery illuminator on the high points of the face, where light would naturally hit. That means across the cheekbones, along the brow bone, on the cupids bow and on the tip on the nose, with the result being a healthy, radiant and youthful look.

Now the strobing trend has moved from our makeup bag to the salon chair, with hairdressers using the same ‘highlight the prettiest part’ principle.

“This technique is very on-trend at the moment and can really be tailored to suit anyone,” says Nathan Armagnacq, master stylist and salon partner at Oscar Oscar Salon in Chadstone, Victoria. We asked him to shed some more light on this fresh new way to illuminate. 

What is hair strobing?
“The strobing application should result in specific parts of the hair appearing as if they have naturally been kissed by sunlight.” 

How is it done?
“Hair strobing is a technique where dark and light colours are applied side by side in the hair, giving the illusion of fullness and dimension.” 

Who does the technique best suit?
“Anyone can pull it off, as it’s not a drastic colour switch. Instead, you want a more of a natural, sun-kissed upgrade from your natural base shade.”

Apart from looking amazing, are there any added benefits?
“Hair strobing is perfect for someone with fine textured hair that may have previously been over-lightened. It can actually help to bring it back it to life.”