Few things give me FOMO like scrolling past a picture of girlfriends enjoying cocktails by the beach in white prairie dresses and wicker shoes. Very specific but it’s this dreamy, romantic vision that never fails to intoxicate my credit card. After all, it’s these long, warm holiday evenings our summer selves wait all year for. No need for a jacket! No shivering to and from the location! Just pure frolicy, frocky fabulousness. A warm breeze, a cold glass of wine and a floaty white dress with a hint of, say, broderie anglaise? Or ruched linen? Or ruffly, puffly sleeves? You had me at happy hour.

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I blame the Byron Bay Insta-fam. Creating such magical folk stories via their socials that one can’t help but drink the (organic) Kool-Aid. Whimsically strolling non-beaten-tracks, taking in sunsets from the sand and living it up at outdoor beach bars in the (almost exclusive) wardrobe of white decorated with just the right amount of rattan. Are they really taking such chic picnics? Are they really exploring forests in unspoiled white embroidered muslin? Maybe not, but who cares!? This is all about fantastical fashion inspiration.

Yes, moving to Byron is not realistically on the cards for most of us, fortunately however, even if you’re far from these shores, the je ne sais quoi of the resort-lyf look is perfectly relatable just about anywhere. And even more fortunately? It’s outrageously simple to throw together. Why not give the rest of this summer the white-and-rattan treatment and see if the spritzer tastes sweeter.

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And if you want some direction to the centre of chic-white-ensemble town, this year go for fabric volume, ruffles, puffed sleeves, shirt style cuts, wide leg floaty trousers and hints of elegant tailoring (such as pin-tucking and pleating). Forget the lace and silks this time, it’s all about breathable, movable pieces you could easily take your afternoon nap in.

And don’t forget to post a picture, to make us all jealous.



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