Credit: E Michael Wolf @shootcreative

Steps to sexy, effortless beach waves
Hairstylist Jonathan Colombini is part of the Kardashian and Jenner family’s highly covetable glam squad. This select team of highly skilled ‘Beauty Avengers’ if you will are called upon by the ladies when their specific styling talent is required. Colombini’s main talent happens to be creating effortless waves, which Kylie Jenner in particular requests on the regular. Sexy and cool, it’s the hair that every girl wants, and here Colombini shows us exactly how to make modern, lived-in Hollywood waves at home. Watch and learn.

STEP ONE Prep hair with sea salt spray and dry through with a hair dryer. Scrunch through with your fingers for extra volume and texture.
Step two Section hair off across from ear to ear, and vertically from your forehead to the nape of your neck.
Step Three Working in smaller, horizontal sections curl hair around a tong, leaving the ends out for a more natural finish.
Step four Quickly run a straightener over the curls to stretch and loosen them out. 
STEP Five Scrunch through with a little styling pomade for added shine, hold and separation
TIP: Using a boar bristle brush, flick your wrist up along the waves to gently tease for extra texture.


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MOTION: E. Michael Wolf  (SHOOT)

TALENT: Eva Adams (IMG)

HAIR: Jonathan Colombini

MAKEUP: Elsa Morgan