Sam McKnight once told me he never does a hairstyle twice. No ponytail, braid or bun – even across a staggering four decades – is the same, and this, in itself, is an incredulous feat (considering the velocity of fashion).

Today in Milan, McKnight may well have just proved this theory right, binding braids at Max Mara with thick, robust leather.

Of course, bound braids are by no means a fashion first, but it is McKnight’s articulation of said braid which marks them differently to the rest. Parted down the centre, slicked down with ample Modern Hairspray and secured at the nape of the neck – the hair of Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Irina Shayk was braided simply – yet impeccably – into a lofty plait (with the aid of some lengthy hair extensions). A generous tuff of hair was left loose at the tail and textured slightly – despite the entire look being overtly sleek – and the remainder of hair was spritzed once more with generous amounts of the brushable Hairspray.

But, the true star was the addition of thick leather cord – in coordinating colours of canary, caramel and pewter – wrapped deftly around the base of the pony and coiled like a very chic rope. In the end it was leather – the classic sartorial trope of the house – that proved the flawless finishing beauty touch to a near-perfect hair look.

Inspired by the signature hair twist of Anne Marie Beretta, the original designer of the house, McKnight’s modern take was the perfect segue to captivate the millennial imagination. So much so, Gigi and Kaia wore theirs proudly off the runway.

Is this the new way to wear braids?

BRB, off to Spotlight to buy leather cord.