Is La Mer worth it? It’s a question which has surrounded luxury skincare and La Mer – the ultimate purveyors of luxury – for some time now. So is it?

For us, the truest marker of skincare’s worth comes down to result, and ultimately that salon-finish and feel. Walking out of a facial incites the most amazing feeling. You have a spring not only in your step, but your skin, too – as you leave with the smoothest, springiest, most supple skin of your life.

But, can you truly recreate the magic of a salon appointment at-home? With a few well-curated products you can. But, it comes down to quality over quantity, and honing your at-home skin regime is imperative in your quest for steadfast skin. Celebrity facialist, Melanie Grant, concurs, “For me, it’s never about having an elaborate skin regime, it’s about using a handful of really good, efficacious products and applying them correctly.”

So for brilliant skin at-home, what should you arm yourself with? La Mer, the at-home answer for salon-worthy skin.

Like investment pieces for your complexion; here, three non-negotiables for the best skin of your life (salon not included).

3 steps for salon skin at home

a combative cleanser
Ask any skin therapist, and cleansing is one of the all-time beauty rules when it comes to skincare. But, cleansing has come a long way, and now you can even wash away the day’s dead skin cells sans water. La Mer’s marine-charged Cleansing Micellar water combines the clever technology of micellar with its magic Miracle Broth formulation, to simultaneously sweep makeup, impurities and pollutants away whilst nourishing and hydrating the skin at the same time. Genius? Of course, it’s La Mer.

La mer the new cleansing micellar water, $120. shop now

A potent hydrating cream
When finessing your skincare routine, a potent hydrating cream is a mandatory, and the holy grail of hydrating creams is La Mer’s Crème de la Mer. The ultimate transformative cream, La Mer has been hydrating our skin for aeons, and its Crème de la Mer holds steady rank amongst the most luxurious creams of all time. Why? It works, and leaves you with a visibly youthful, healthy-looking radiance. Through its legendary elixir – the Miracle Broth – fine, dry lines are plumped, skin feels smoother and you are left with that post-facial glow – sans the salon.

La Mer The Limited-Edition Crème de la Mer, $445. shop now

A salon-worthy tool
From at-home LED to electronic exfoliators; there are now a plethora of advanced tools on the market which mimic the clever ones used in salon. This little guy is like a hand-held facial, which uses micro-current technology to literally lift your guise with facial contouring. Use in conjunction with your La Mer super cream and cleanser, and you’ll have luxurious, salon-worthy skin in no time.

nuface trinity device, $477. shop now

Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @grazia_fr