Next to her starring role in her first ever television series, Homecoming, and playing the desperate mother of a drug addict in her new film Ben Is Back, Julia Roberts’s next move is left-of-centre: Landlord.

The 50-year-old Academy Award-winning actress and her cinematographer husband Danny Moder have put their Point Dume home in Malibu on the rental market. The couple – who have been married for 16 years and share three children – bought the Ranch-style retreat for AUD $5.3 million just last year with the idea of renovating it. (There were no images of the property prior to Roberts’ redecorating touch.)

Given this, it’s unlikely Roberts ever actually lived there. But alas, if you’re cashed up and have some time for a getaway, you can rent it from her for AUD $14,461 per month.

It sounds unaffordable. But stay with us. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom abode is located within a beautiful, secluded coastal suburb known for its wildlife and vast beaches that jut out into the Pacific Ocean – Roberts’s house is part of a gated community and has a private footpath to the beach. It’s spacious (1620 square feet), features beamed ceilings, a white-bricked fireplace and hardwood floors. If you and your partner took a holiday with two other couples – look at that kitchen and how perfect it would be for a group of friends and late-night Merlots – you would be paying AUD $80 per night or AUD $2410 per month – on par with the cost of rentals in Sydney, Australia.

The only (big) catch? It doesn’t come furnished. The potential deal-sweetener? You actually may run into the OG Pretty Woman yourself. She and Moder own two other homes elsewhere in Point Dume. Should you not pay your rent on time or have an issue with the property, we imagine she would arrive on your door step like this:

Have we convinced you to book a plane ticket to Malibu?