We’ve seen Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin spruiking smiley-faced hotel slippers via Instagram since late last year. Not long after, the motif reminiscent of that from 1994 stoner movie Dazed and Confused started showing up on his hoodies, too. The word ‘Drew’ printed beneath it. Turns out this is Bieber’s latest venture. A unisex fashion line steeped in shades of beige, cuts of comfort and hardcore corduroy.

We know that Mr. and Mrs. Bieber are big fans of street-comfort couture so it’s no real surprise that Drew House (the name derived from Bieber’s middle name) is now a thing. There are definitely Yeezy elements here, however the pricing is universally different. Hoodies for about $150 and tees for about $50, it’s no wonder that the first drop has already been completely snapped up.

Acting on the LA-90s-grunge redux of the now, Drew House is anti-fashion made cool via the zeitgeist. The kind loved by teens but condemned by parents for its ill-fitting and sloppy nature. Well, exactly. Ill-fitting, sloppy, slouchy, messy hair, old-new kicks and elastic waistbands that flatter no one are characteristic of the anti-trend teens froth over. But Biebs, this is nothing new. In the 90s we had  oversized Kepper jeans, Bonds chesty singlets and Royal Elastic trainers. All worn together with as little effort and as much angst as humanly possible.

Nonetheless, affordable-kewl threads endorsed by the pop star is a stellar move from team Biebs. No doubt this successful testing of the style waters means round two won’t be far away. Is there enough brown corduroy in the world to sustain such demand, however? They’re probably round-table discussing it now.

Check out the full range here.

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