Donda’s House; the charity named after Kanye West’s late mother, announced last week it wishes to distance itself from its co-founder, West, after the rapper’s pro-Trump Tweets. The organisation’s other founder Rhymefest suggested too they change the name of the charity.

“While we cannot and do not speak for Kanye West and his views, we can and will speak up for the youth that we serve,” the foundation said in a statement. “We ask that those who feel hurt, angered by or frustrated with Kanye West not penalize or throw away their support, respect and advocacy for us.”

“We ask that as you boycott and protest Kanye West, that you not forget that we are a non-profit organization that like other non-profits needs donations, corporate support and volunteers,” it continued. “We do not want your rejection of Kanye West, to be a rejection of Dr. Donda West and the thousands of lives she impacted including her own son.”

The charity also noted they are yet to receive any of the funding West allegedly promised upon launch. West’s wife Kim Kardashian shot back, publicly on Twitter of course.

“I saw you at our studio a few weeks ago so why didn’t you bring this up then @RHYMEFEST? You were trying to get Kanye to listen to your sub par beats. You have the audacity to use Kanye’s mom name to try to shed a negative light on Kanye,” the reality star wrote. “You better believe I will make it my mission to take Donda’s House from you and let my children run it the way it should be run!”

But then, as if taking a leaf out of her husband’s book, the real attacks came: